About us


Elizabetes rezidence reconstruction project solutions have been developed by design bureau “Legzdiņš un partneri” in the lead of architect Gatis Legzdiņš. In the project development experienced professionals have collaborated- architects, civil engineers and building structures designers, ensuring the highest quality of design and accuracy.

During its 20 years of activity, “Legzdiņš un partneri” has worked on many socially important buildings and residential projects, successful urban design solutions, as well as architecturally expressive multi-storey residential building projects in Riga,  Martas Street 7 and Miera Street 59/61. Architect in his projects pays special attention to the needs of the building users, looking for the optimal solution for both interior and exterior of every project.

If necessary, the reconstruction project author Gatis Legzdiņš is ready to help develop the interior design of a chosen apartment.